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Customer Experience, Satisfaction & Loyalty

Customer Experience, Satisfaction & Loyalty


  • Keith Fletcher, Head of Customer Experience Change Programme, E.ON
    Five years ago, E.ON were in a very different place to where they are now. Dealing with major struggles made them reconsider their business strategy to turn the tables around. The simple idea to make Customer Experience Principles responsible for steering key decisions as well as gaining buy-in from the entire organisation to run E.ON through the lens of the customer has resulted in Keith Fletcher and his team drastically improving customers’ lives. Keith talks about this journey here.
  • What is Customer Experience?What is Customer Experience?

    Ensuring a great multi-channel customer experience, hinges on an organizations’ ability to put the customer at the heart of the business. This video, produced by the Customer Management Exchange Network, serves to demonstrate the importance of customer experience in today’s environment touching on critical strategic issues such as customer loyalty, accountability & ROI, social media and customer centricity.


Andrew Mann, Customer Data Director, the Co-operative Group

Data can be a scary prospect for many organisations. Where do you start in turning insight into action? How can you personalise your offering to customers without seeming to intrude on their privacy and sell them too much? Where is the best place to get your message across?

Hear examples from Andrew Mann on how you can solve crucial business challenges using customer data, including using data to create a more personalised, segmented strategy or giving customers a sense of control over their experience.

Fabien Pelous, Customer Contact Centres Project Director - Air France - KLM

Retaining customers in the “switching culture” of today means that tailoring your experiences to your customer segments is key. Offering more services to customers who give you more business can ensure that they feel valued, whether that means ensuring their query is resolved in just onestep, that services are available to them on a 24-hour basis or that their level of comfort during interactions isimproved through the reduction of language barriers. Find out here why it’s important to introduce segmentation to your business in order to deliver above and beyond while increasing revenue.


Megan Neale, Global Head of Customer Engagement Centres, Unilever

Business, but what should be the aim of every individual, whether customer facing or not? Delivering an experience that evokes an emotional reaction from customer makes them more likely to share their positive experience with their peers. With over half of the global population using the internet and over 2 billion social media users, how can a brand engage global customers on an emotional level using digital means?


Paul Pugal Customer Service Director - Auto Trader UK

Auto Trader started life as a regional magazine known as Thames Valley Trader and has since become a digital-only retailer whose website accounts for around 85% of time spent on Automotive websites in the UK! With reduced personal contact with customers and a need for customers to have more control over their interactions with an organisation, Auto Trader have transformed their customer service strategy that moves from an operational culture to a customer culture, reduced call volumes,cost and increased customer satisfaction.